The SMART Chief® III PMS is an advanced system for full automation of the power plant and complies with all major classification societies rules.

The SMART Chief® III PMS is a complete switchboard and powerplant control system, able to control any combination of generators, hybrid fuel cells and batteries. The system is modular in design and can be delivered with one or two control units, while delivered with two units it complies with DP class 2.

To meet the high demand for environmentally friendly electrical and hybrid solutions, we have included an energy management system in our SMART Chief® III PMS.

While integrated with SMART Chief® II IAS you will get optional features like the Online Economy Analyzer and SMART Link Online connection for communication between ship and shore.


  • Suitable for both newbuild and retrofit
  • Marine-grade control units
  • Decentralized I/O modules
  • Hotswap STI I/0 modules
  • Integrated energy management
  • Flexible installation
  • Easy to understand and operate

Selection of the
Standard Features

  • Load dependent start and stop of generators
  • Frequency control of generators
  • Automatic synchronising of generator breakers and bus-ties
  • Generator off-loading prior to load free disconnection of generator breakers
  • Master and standby selection
  • Black-out monitoring/start system
  • Symmetrical kW loadsharing
  • Designed for both droop mode, isynchronous loadsharing
  • KW-monitoring and power reservation for thruster and large heavy consumers
  • Output for excitation control of shaft generator
  • Mimic of plant pattern on control panel
  • User friendly access to system parameters as start levels, stop level, cooling time, heavy consumer levels

Selection of the
Optional Features

  • Battery charging and discharging control
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical active power (kW) loadsharing
  • Variable asymmetrical active power (kW) loadsharing
  • Symmetrical reactive power (VAr) load­sharing
  • Standby sequence to special patterns or condition based start sequence
  • Shaft generator “take-me-home” mode operation
  • “Boost mode” and shaft generators as motor control
  • Possible redundant system design
  • Synchronization to shore
  • Generator overload prevention by pitch and/or propulsion reduction
  • Interface and communication to any alarm, monitoring or automation system
  • User defined functions