The SMART Chief® II IAS is a fully scalable alarm and control solution giving you a full overview, with a seamless and comfortable control of the vessel’s systems.

SMART Chief® II IAS complies with all major classification societies rules.

The SMART Chief® II IAS is a fully scale-­able computer based alarm and control system with a range of design and operational benefits, building upon the latest technology. Typically integrating Alarm & Monitoring, Pump Control, Valve Control, Tank Sounding, PMS control, Fire alarm and other seamless integrations subject to the vessels configuration.

Using our own project engineering software, enables us to build highly flexible systems based on standardized components.

The system may be further extended by adding our SMART Chief® Go and SMART Link™.

Key advantages

  • Suitable for both newbuild and retrofit
  • Marine-grade control units
  • Decentralized I/O modules, building upon our own STI-technology
  • Dual redundant STI I/O bus communication
  • Hotswap STI I/0 modules
  • Extensive range of communication protocols
  • Flexible installation
  • Tailor made user interface
  • Easy to understand and operate

Selection of the
Standard Features

  • Alarm and monitoring
  • Extended alarm system with dedicated alarm panels (EAS)
  • Engineer alarm functions
  • Deadman alarm system
  • Group alarm list
  • Alarm history
  • Built in «Black box» for recording of all signals
  • Trend view
  • Password protected user access levels

Selection of the
Optional Features

  • Pump and valve control
  • Tank monitoring
  • Tank management and cargo handling for tank vessels
  • Fully integrated fish handling automation for aquaculture and fishing vessels
  • Remote access by SMART Link™
  • Monitoring and control from the SMART Chief® GO mobile app
  • Integration of any other third party equipment
  • User defined functions
SMART Automation has delivered IAS to four of our vessels. They are solution-oriented, easy to work with and we get what we want. We like that!

– CEO, Kjetil Tufteland | Napier